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The Little Leaf Company

Scott Nickerson & Jenna d'Entremont

Micro Greens with Mega Nutrients

The Little Leaf Company offers a wide range of local organically grown Microgreens, Cat Grass, Sprouting Kits, Organic seeds and more. Proudly supplying fresh and nutritious food to local Restaurants/Chefs and caterers. Contact us for custom orders.

Why you should be eating microgreens?

“MICRO GREENS WITH MEGA NUTRIENTS” Because they are harvested at a young stage ( typically 2 weeks of growth ), studies show they contain up to 40x the nutrition of their full-grown plant!

Concentrated with vitamins, minerals, protein, omegas, antioxidants and so much more!

For example, 1oz of broccoli microgreens has been shown to contain the nutrition of 1.4 lbs of mature broccoli!

We think it tastes better too 😉 This is how we came up with our slogan “Micro Greens With Mega Nutrients”

Microgreens are versatile, flavorful, and add color and texture to any meal. We suggest eating them raw to ensure maximum nutrition.


  • CARL’S Store, Tusket
  • Dayton Red & White
  • Holistic Thyme, 101 Water St. Yar.
  • Yarmouth Farmers’ Market

Contact us for orders. No minimum, and free local delivery between Meteghan and Tusket.