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Welcome to the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market!

The largest farmers’ market at this end of the province!

Yarmouth Farmers Community Market has created a tight-knit family and community of local producers supporting each other. It is our focus to provide a venue for primary and secondary producers to sell directly to the public and for the community to have a universal location to access great, local products. We support sustainability in our region of Southwest Nova Scotia and have been instrumental in launching small businesses and providing opportunities for local producers to grow beyond the market.

As a co-operative, we are a nonprofit group—we simply want to support the hardworking people of our area and promote the growth of local small businesses.

Come check it all out for yourself this Saturday!

About Us

For the past 13 years, people from all over the tri-counties have come to the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market every Saturday, with the exception that we are closed after the last Saturday in December before Christmas until the second Saturday in January, for an exciting selection of Nova Scotian products. We got our start when a handful of local producers decided to revive a farmers’ market in the Yarmouth area. We began as a tent in the Canadian Tire parking lot; however, our early popularity and our incorporation in 2009 prompted us to relocate to a larger facility. When we found the rustic, historic warehouse on Hawthorne Street, we knew that we had found our home. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary at 15 Hawthorne Street in 2021!

Our Mission

To stimulate and promote agriculture, fisheries, farming, and local artisan products by providing a direct market venue.

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