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Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Co-Operative Limited

Vendor Guidelines


  • Ensure all vendors in The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Co-Operative Limited are fully informed on the guidelines of rules and regulations, and to ensure full participation and success within our Marketplace.
  • Provide a positive experience for customers, vendors and our community.
  • Provide that vendors understand and support the Market’s Vision and Mission Statements, and Core Values.  Also to reach our desired goals of growth by promoting local farm and artisanal products to our community.

Vision Statement

Enhance the health and vibrancy of our community through the development of our local products.

Mission Statement

Stimulate and promote agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, and local artisan products by providing a direct market venue.

Core Values

  • Provide quality produce and products with honesty and integrity.
  • Promote respect for animals and stewardship for our land.
  • Promote the benefits of a healthy community by being welcoming, supportive and inclusive.
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation through direct relationships between vendor to consumer, vendor to vendor, and vendor to community organizations.

Accepted Market Definitions

Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Co-Operative Limited is the legal registered name of our Market however it may also be referred to in this document as “The Yarmouth Market” or just “Market”

Vendor; A person /family/farm/crafter/artisan/representative who sells product at Market.

Primary Food Producer; A producer of food that grows or harvests raw material for direct sales, or manufactures into a secondary product.

Secondary Food Producer; A producer of food that purchases raw material to manufacture secondary products.

Primary Crafter/Artisan;   A producer of a non-food item that grows or harvests raw material for direct sale or manufacture into a secondary product.

Secondary Crafter/Artisan;  A producer of a non-food that purchases raw material to manufacture secondary products.

Resellers; Vendors who are neither primary or secondary producers of the items that they intend to sell and/or buy goods from a manufacturer and resell them to customers unchanged. Resellers are not permitted.

Good Standing; Is a membership status achieved by a vendor by Guideline adherence in conduct, attendance and timely payment of membership and rental fees

Local; The Yarmouth Tri-County area which would include Yarmouth County and expand out to include Digby and Shelburne Counties.

Market Manager or Coordinator; Any person hired by the Board of Directors to coordinate and administer operations of the Market

Seniority; Vendors in good standing dating back to the former Yarmouth Canadian Tire location who have been transitioned to the 15 Hawthorn St location and actively participate in the Market to date, have first rights in seniority.  Seniority for Vendors accepted into the membership after May 2011 will be based on the acceptance date of their approved application, and must be active members in good standing.

Member;  A person/business/cooperative who vends goods at the Market who has paid membership privileges and has a vested interest in the success and growth of the Market or a volunteer supporter of the Market.

Market Buck; Is an ink stamped wooden coin and is used as alternative instrument of payment that customers use to buy goods sold exclusively at the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market.

There will be 4 types of recognized memberships within The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Co-Operative Limited

1. Anchor Vendor

  • Vendors who wish to establish permanent business placement within the market and are committed to attend/or be represented  100%  of the days that the market is open including any seasonal secondary/holiday periods, and any future additional days that are added to the Market weekly business schedule.
  • Anchor vendors will have permanent table or full stall placement within the Market. Table/Stall fees and associated HST for Anchor Vendors shall be paid weekly.
  • Anchor vendors may be primary food producers, secondary food producers and primary crafters/artisans only.( To attain our desired market mix, we can not accept any new applications for Anchor Vendor Secondary Producers Artisan Crafters at this time).
  • Anchor vendors must always remain in good standing by timely remittance of membership fees, stall/table fees, in conduct by adherence to these guidelines and attendance to maintain their status of Anchor Vendors, and eligibility to vote.
  • Anchor Vendors will serve as the primary Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors.

2. Active Full Time

  • Vendors that commit to attending 90% of the primary day (Saturdays) that the market is open, either during the Spring /Summer Season , Fall/Winter Season, or 80% of  primary days (Saturdays) during the full calendar year.
  • Active Fulltime vendors will have permanent table placement within the Market, however exact physical placement within the Market will be determined by the Market Manager based on seniority, product mix and availability of space. Table fees and associated HST for Active Fulltime Vendors shall be paid weekly.
  • Active Full time vendors may be primary food producers, secondary food producers ; primary crafters/artisans and secondary Crafters and Artisans.
  • Active Fulltime Vendors who do not wish to participate in a second  Market day during seasonal or holiday periods must make their space available for rental by removing personal items, displays and signage from their tables.
  • To be eligible to retain voting rights Active Fulltime vendors must be members in good standing by timely remittance of membership fees, stall/table fees, in conduct by adherence to these guidelines and attendance.

3. Part-time/Casual

  • Vendors that attend the market on an occasional or rotational basis.
  • Part time /Casual vendors must be committed to attend 70% of market attendance either during the Spring /Summer Season,  Fall/Winter Season, or  50% full calendar year.
  • Associated/Part time vendors will have spaces assigned to them on a weekly basis by the Market Manager prior to the opening of the Market.
  • Part time/Casual vendors may be primary food producers, secondary food producers ; primary crafters/artisans and secondary Crafters and Artisans.
  • Part time/Casual members will pay table fees and associated HST on the days that they attend the Market.
  • To be eligible to retain voting rights Part time/Casual vendors must be members in good standing by timely remittance of membership fees, stall/table fees, in conduct by adherence to these guidelines and attendance.

4. Community Member/Volunteer

  • Is a FRIEND of the Market and not a vendor. A Community Member can attend member meetings and give feedback, but is a non-voting member.

Section 1: Market Guidelines

Market Space

Stall and table space designations for the Yarmouth Market will be allocated based on seniority and market mix.

The Market will strive to maintain a 60/40 split between Primary and Secondary Producers, and an 80/20 split between Food and Craft/Artisan products.

All non-farm products (processed food and craft products) are subject to jury selection process by the Market Manager and Market Board of Directors.

The market will not be responsible for storage of any goods, equipement, signage, displays or any personal belongings of any vendor at the end of their selling season, or termination of membership. All items must be removed on the vendors last day at the Market.

The Board reserves the right to change the mix percentage for specialty events sponsored by the Market, for short term seasons example: Christmas season.

Application Process for Vendors

  • All new applicants must first review the vendor guidelines, then complete and submit the application for review either electronically to our email address; or in person to the Market Coordinator at our location of 15 Hawthorn St, Yarmouth NS (lower level) any day that the Market is open for business. 
  • Applications will be accepted for review at any time during the calendar year.
  • Vendors must list ALL products intended for sale at the Yarmouth Market for review and approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Upon notification of acceptance applicants must remit a non-refundable $10.00 administrative/membership fee to the Market Coordinator before they will be allowed to sell at the Market.

The market will make every effort to schedule all new accepted vendors to attend the market in a timely manner. Should an application be approved, but for any reason the Market can not accommodate the vendor (such as conflict in scheduling dates, / availability of space,) the application will be kept on file for 1 year of the date of acceptance and the membership will remain active. All active member applications will be kept on file. It shall be the responsibility of the vendor to keep membership intact by remittance of membership fees for the following year to remain a member of the Market. Any vendor of Market that wishes to withdraw their membership from the Market and/or application may do so in writing to the Market Coordinator for the return of their application or request that it be destroyed.

The Board of Directors of the Yarmouth Market reserves the right of approval of all products sold at the Market and if warranted, the right to visit and inspect gardens, farms, kitchens and craft studios should there be any question of  the integrity of products sold at the Marketplace.

All food vendors must comply with the rules and regulations of the Nova Scotia Market Guidelines (see Food Vending Checklist below) within their product scheduling, and will attach copies of necessary permits where applicable when submitting application. Vendors may add to their product line during the season, but must amend their application and resubmit it for approval by the Board of Directors before a new type of product can be sold at the Market. Any product added by a vendor due to seasonal change in Vendor Attendance may be re-evaluated and restricted at the discretion of the Board of Directors at anytime during the beginning of Spring/Summer or Fall /Winter seasons.


The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market is located at the historic Barn at 15 Hawthorn St., lower level, Yarmouth.  (Across the street from the Colony Hotel).

Vendor Parking

 All vendors will park in the parking lot of the Yarmouth Visitor’s Center or any off site street parking areas immediately after they have unloaded product from their vehicle. Parking in the Colony Parking lot or spaces immediate to 15 Hawthorn St is prohibited.  Vendors with valid handicapped permits, placards, or vehicle plates will be directed by the Market Coordinator where they may park. All vendors must adhere to this parking policy in consideration for other vendors waiting to unload, neighboring businesses and customer convenience.


The Spring/Summer Market Season will begin on the first Saturday in April and run through the last Saturday of October

The Fall/Winter Market Season will begin on the first Saturday of Novemberand run through the last Saturday of March.

The Market may or may not choose to close for two weeks after the Winter Holidays pending the decision of the Anchor Vendor advisory committee and the Board of Directors. Should the market decide to close in January, specific dates will be decided by membership during the annual Fall Meeting.

Secondary Market Days will be added during the Spring/Summer seasonal day from June  (Specific days, times of operation and month ending to be determined by membership at Annual General Meeting) and the month of December (dates and times of operation to be decided by the membership at the annual fall meeting)  Vendors, and or representatives of their business  must be present to sell their products on secondary days-no exceptions.

The Market will be open for business every Saturday, year round, from 9am to 1pm.

All vendors should arrive no later than 30 minutes before the market start time to unload, park vehicle in designated vendor parking area (the Visitors Center) and set up. 

If your designated table is vacant by 9:30 am, and no prior notification was given, it will be considered vacant. Anchor and Fulltime vendors still are responsible for rent for that day unless proper notice has been granted.  At the discretion of the Market Coordinator, any empty stall or table space it may be given to another vendor for the remainder of the day.

Membership and Fees

Membership is open to any person/group/company that wishes to be a vendor at the Yarmouth Market, and is a permanent resident of Nova Scotia, Canada.

All members of the Yarmouth Market must be a Primary or Secondary Producer.

All members who are vendors shall be in good standing in attendance, conduct by guideline adherence and fee payment and will have voting rights.

Annual administration membership renewal fees for the following year may be paid at anytime during the year but no later than the date of the Annual General Meeting on or before March 31st (the following year).

Table/Stall Fees

Anchor Vendors shall pay $35.00 plus HST per primary market day for their stall, or rental fees according to appropriated table/selling space. Payment shall be made weekly

Table Fees by Table Size

  • full stall or equivalent size $35/weekly and capped at $35
  • 6 foot table/space $20.00 weekly
  • 4 foot table/space $15.00 weekly

Full Time Vendors will pay $15.00-$20.00 Plus HST per primary market day pending the size of their table/selling space. Payment will be made 1 full month in advance on the first Saturday of the month.

Table Fees by Table Size 

  • 6 foot table/space $20.00
  • 4 foot table/space $15.00

Part Time/Casual Vendors shall pay $15-$20.00 per Market day, pending the size of their table (The market can not guarantee availability for specific size for casual/part time vendors but will advise what space is available at the time of booking the market day):

 Payment will be due prior to the start of each Market day.

Table Fees by Table Size:

  • 6 foot table/space $20.00
  • 4 foot table/space $15.00

Outdoor Tables

Table Fees by Table Size:

  • 6 foot table/space $20.00
  • Anchor vendors that rent inside the market but need additional out door selling space will be capped at $20.00 for outdoor space.

All table/space and stall fees are non-refundable.

Rental invoices will be provided to vendors at the time of rental fee remittance.

During the Christmas season a 50% premium will be applied to table fees for casual vendors who wish to attend Saturday market and do not meet market attendance requirements.

Anchor vendors must be in attendance or have representation on all days that the Market is open for business.

Where required, Vendors shall obtain their Harmonized Sales Tax registration number, and shall be responsible for the collection and remittance of any Provincial and/or GST Tax.

Community Table

The Yarmouth Market will provide local registered non-profit and charitable organizations an opportunity to raise funds in support of their initiatives during the market season.  All organizations who wish to participate will submit an application for specific date(s), along with a formal signed letter on official letterhead (or copy of) detailing the organization’s/ non-profits initiatives or fundraising purposes. Table space will be granted when available.

All product sold must be first be approved by the Board of Directors.

The Market Coordinator and/or Board of Directors will have the right to schedule such groups on a rotational basis.

Distribution and sale of items of any political, religious, pornographic or offensive nature are prohibited.

All organizations, non-profit groups and their representatives must adhere to the same rules as Market Vendors. Table set up must be completed at least 15 minutes prior to Market opening and must remain open for the entire duration of the Market. Cars must be parked at the Yarmouth Visitors Center or off site street parking. Proper signage of Organization/Non-profit’s name and purpose must be displayed on the table.

Raffles sales are permitted on the conditions that a valid license issued by the NS Lottery Commission (or copy), the raffle prize (or photograph of the prize), the purpose of the raffle and raffle times and dates are displayed on the table.

Solicitation for Donations

The Market will budget monies in the form of “Market Bucks “to donate up to three charitable community organizations each year.

  • Membership will decide which charity and appropriation of the donation at the AGM.
  • The Market will no longer honour internal or external customer “on the spot” requests for donated goods. 
  • Any/All requests for donations should be referred to the Market Manager,

 Non-vendors that come to the market to educate or to entertain

Any organization can apply to attend The Yarmouth Market as an educational organization or as a performer. We are eager to include performers such as musicians, busker, storytellers, etc.

We also welcome guest organizations and individuals to attend the Market to educate the public on the following subjects:

  • Nutrition and food preparation
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Organic gardening, lawn, and plant care
  • Sustainable living
  • Conservation of natural resources and recycling
  • Local history
  • Fine arts 

Market Principles and Guidelines

Provide products that are grown, produced, made or baked locally.

Primary Producers must maintain 60% own produce/goods sold at their table/stall. If product is not grown by the vendor they must indicate where their product came from.

Secondary Producers should strive to use as much locally produced product in the process of their product as possible.

Re-selling of any whole product commercially manufactured purchased is strictly prohibited except for products sold as fund raising initiatives by the Yarmouth Farmers Market Co-op.

  • All products sold at the. Community Table must have prior approval by the market manager
  • Vendors who are also businesses may hire a representatives/agents but must hold a membership at the Market and only sell  local product that they produce themselves

Cooperatives of local producers can hold Anchor, Fulltime and Part time Casual memberships within the Market provided they have personal representation by their members at the market. Cooperative groups maintain a single market membership may proxy their one vote to any person that they choose to represent them as a whole.

Specific Categories:

Meat, poultry, eggs and fish vendors (Schedule A) must comply and adhere to practices outlined by the Nova Scotia Dept. of Agriculture Food Safety Division (NSDA) –see food vendor checklist page 8

The Market will enforce Food Safety regulations as per NSDA.

Produce Vendors (Schedule B) must comply and adhere to practices outlined by the Nova Scotia Dept. of Agriculture –see food vendor checklist page 8


Primary producers of local meat must have had the animal for at least 8 (eight) weeks prior to slaughter. If not, the original owner and farm location must be identified. 


In addition to adherence regarding Schedule A products set by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Food Safety Guidelines For Public Markets, egg vendors also must also provide a label on the carton identifying the farm name and location of the farm.


Fish vendors must indicate if they themselves are fishermen, if their product is wild or farmed, the origin/location of their catch, and must have appropriate licensing and permits. Any cut fish sold must be inspected.


Produce that is sold but not grown by the vendor must be labeled to indicate where their product came from, including farm and location. 

Non-farm products (processed foods, arts & crafts.) Must be high quality, and locally made with skill and creativity. The product(s) must be complementary to our farmers market. We may restrict the number of vendors selling similar products.   Environmental friendliness is strongly preferred. Food products should be made with local produce wherever possible.

Market Buck Policy

  • A Market Buck is an ink stamped wooden coin and is used as alternative instrument of payment that customers use to buy goods sold exclusively at the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market. Customers may also purchase Market Bucks to support of charitable initiates established by the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market and as gifts in place of Market Gift Certificates.
  • A Market Buck will be printed in increments valued at $1.00 (One dollar).  The customer may use a Market Buck in place federal currency at the market matching dollar for dollar value only. Example; the purchase is $1.50; the customer may use one Market buck and $.50 cents in coin.
  • All vendors of the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market will accept Market Bucks for goods sold.
  • The Market Coordinator will be responsible for Market Buck sales and redemption.
  • All Market Bucks collected by vendors, will be redeemed at the end of the Market Day by the Market Coordinator.
  • Vendors may also choose to save and redeem Market Bucks to defray monthly/weekly stall rent fees

Vendor, Staff and Customer Conduct and Operational Policies

All members, vendors, staff and customers are expected to treat each other with courtesy and work together to foster a sense of community with open and positive communication. On market day, any conflicts between vendors or vendor/customers will be mediated by the Market Coordinator.

 Any disruptive behavior or misrepresentation of product by a member within the Market shall not be tolerated.  Disciplinary steps may be taken and membership may be revoked.

Vendors will be assigned locations at the beginning of the market season by the Market Coodinator.

New vendors will be assigned locations where and when available with a minimum of one (1) weeks notice.

Vendors are required to display their name, their farm or business name and prices for all products by way of a price list or individually priced items.  Prices must be set prior to Market opening. Vendors should strive to maintain sustainable prices. 

Only Certified Organic growers may use the word ‘organic’ in promotion of their products through signage and labeling. 

Vendors shall give notification as soon as possible to the Market Coordinator on occasions of tardiness and a minimum of 12 hours notice of absence. If an Anchor Vendor or Full-time Vendor has 3 occasions of absence without giving proper notice, their status within the market may revert to an Associate/Part Time Vendor.

Vendors must have their tables/stalls set up and ready for business at least 15 minutes prior to the opening of the Market. Vendors must inspect their displays and selling areas for potential safety hazards. All storage containers must be stored out of sight, and electrical cords must be secured properly.

Vendors are expected to keep their stall/table space and surrounding area clean and tidy at all times. They are responsible for clearing up any litter from their area at the end of each market. Vendors are not only responsible for limiting the amount of packaging sold along with their product, but should also try to utilize “green” compost-able packaging whenever possible.

 Vendors shall ensure adequate product supply in order to remain at the market until closing.

Pets and live animal sales are prohibited from the Market (excluding assisting animals).

Children of vendors are welcome but should not infringe on other vendors or customers.

 All vendors will adhere to the direction and guidance of the Market Coordinator during the operation of the market. In cases of conflict the vendor has the right to an appeal process.

Smoking and use of all tobacco products within the Market area is prohibited. This includes herbal inhalants, e-cigarettes, cigars, chewing and pipe tobacco.

As prescribed within the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Food Safety Guidelines for Public Markets, all vendors shall arrive at the market clean.   Hair should be confined in a manner that it will not contaminate food (hair net, cap, etc.). Vendors must also be considerate of their peers and customers who may have sensitivities to certain colognes and perfumes and arrive at the Market scent-free.

Food Vending Checklist

The health and safety of our community is a paramount concern to the success and reputation of our Marketplace. All Food Vendors are required to comply with these guidelines before selling any raw or prepared foods the Market.

Before selling any food product at the Yarmouth Market a food vendor must have read the Dept. of Agriculture “Guidelines for Public Markets (  Having read the guidelines, food vendors should have an understanding of products categorized a Schedule A and Schedule B.

No Schedule C products will be sold at the Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market.

A vendor selling a Schedule A product must contact the local Food Safety Specialist to determine what practices are required to satisfy Food Safety Regulations and apply for the necessary permits.  Schedule A vendors will be required to display their Public Market Permit during Market times.

If selling Schedule B products, the vendor must contact the local Food Safety Specialist to determine what practices are required to satisfy Food Safety Regulations and have completed the Food Handling course if recommended by the Food Safety Specialist.

Food Safety Specialist for Yarmouth is currently  Riley Simms – 55 Starrs Road, Unit 9 Yarmouth, NS T: 774-1250 F: 742-0615  Email:

Vendor Insurance/General and Product Liability

It is recommended at this time that any vendor selling Schedule A products to purchase Product and General Liability insurance before starting the Market Season.

Section 2:  Membership Guidelines

Meetings and Voting rights

The first annual meeting must be held on or before March 31st. Every effort will be made to inform all members of the date, time and place of the meeting. The Board of Directors will determine if a formal local advertisement (print/radio) of the meeting will be placed.

The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Membership Meetings requiring attendance:

  • Pre-annual meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Pre-Season meeting
  • Spring Season
  • Winter Season
  • End of Season/Wrap up

Dates, times and locations of all meetings will be determined and announced by the Executive Board.

The Board of Directors will be elected at the Annual Meeting.

Only Members in good standing will be allowed to vote on specific Market issues/decisions and Board Elections. There will only be ONE vote allowed per membership.  Vendors/Business/ Co-operatives with multiple partners or representatives will proxy one person to vote as necessary in their best interests.

Executive Board of Directors

The current Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Board of Directors is made up as follows:

President 2021 – Shelley Vail – Term of two (2) years.

Vice President 2021 Alec Pitt – Term of two years with the understanding that they will serve as President for the next term of two (2) years.

Secretary 2021– Sundae Wiser – Term of two years.

Treasurer 2021– Roland Harris – Term of two years.

Five (5) Directors – Mariah Morningstar, Scott Nickerson, Michelle Cottreau, Trevor Perry, Melanie Carpenter, Carmen Comeau  

Past President – Board voting privileges – Term of two years.

Anchor Vendors in good standing will serve as an advisory committee on a voluntary basis to the Board of Directors and on occasion will be asked to attend Board Meetings.

There shall be a min. of 1 primary producer on the executive board, and on the advisory committee shall be a min. of 40% representation of primary producer from general membership.

The Executives of the Co-operative will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Directors shall be elected two for one year, and two for two years in the first election.

Only members in good standing may vote in the annual election and any other meetings of the Co-operative. Good standing means that all fees and membership requirements are maintained.

Board members who can not attend a meeting must give notice to the President. Board members who fail to attend three (3) consecutive meetings may, by vote of the Board, be asked to step down as a Board member.

The Board of Directors shall establish a nominating committee that must include the past President.

A quorum for a Board Meeting shall be no less than five (5) of the Directors.

The end of the fiscal year for the Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market Co-Operative shall end on January 31st.

Budget for the upcoming year must be presented at the Annual meeting and will be subject to audit by a qualified 3rd party appointed.

The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market  Co-Operative shall be a year round market.  Our 2021 Market Year will begin in June 2021.

The Board may also work towards establishing market times other than Saturdays. The Board must bring all such changes to the membership for approval.

Conflict Resolution Process

In circumstances of conflict where a vendor feels that the decision of the Market Coordinator is not consistent with the Market’s Vendor Policy, Market Core Values and/or Mission Statement, that vendor shall have the right to formally appeal that decision to the Executive Board. 

Vendor Guidelines Changes

The Yarmouth Farmers’ Community Market  Co-Operative Board of Directors reserves the right to add, amend, or change these guidelines to meet the changing needs of the Marketplace.

Contact List

Please feel free to contact us through email at