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Become One of the YFCM Vendors

Are you passionate about your produce? Or, are you proud of your products? The Yarmouth Farmers Community Market is always looking to welcome new vendors into our market family.

Email us to request an application or complete our contact form below.

Requirements & Fees

To become one of the YFCM vendors, you must be a primary or secondary producer from the local area. All applications are reviewed and voted on by our executive board.

There are both full-time and part-time vendor opportunities available. During our peak season in the summer, we can accommodate up to 60 vendors. We charge a small membership fee of $10 per year, as well as table fees according to your space requirements. We’re proud to offer fantastic table rental rates–some of the best in the province.

Contact us now for more information or complete the online application below. We look forward to learning about what you Create, Grow, or Make!

Online Application

Vendor Application (New)

Applicant Information

All applicants must complete this application and submit it along with a payment of $10.00 for the membership administration fee. Also, please include copies of any necessary permits and licenses specific to your food category. Cheques are payable to Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative. If this application is refused for any reason, the membership administrative fee will be returned to the applicant.

Vendor Details

Select details relating to your stall space requirements.

Stall Space Requirements

We cannot guarantee available of table sizes entered.

Market Attendance

For full and part-time/casual vendors.  Anchor vendors must be present or represented in market attendance at all times.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are able to assist in market activities, please indicate how in the options below.

Event Planning
Public Relations
Market Setup
Market Tear-Down

Product/Goods Intended to Sell

  1. Add all product categories that you intend to sell at the Market using the repeater grid below.
  2. Please describe your product and include details taht make your product special or unique.
  3. If multiple product categories are chosen, please indicate what you feel you will sell the must using the numerical rating scale starting with number 1 as the highest number, number 2 as the second highest and so on, until all products in all categories are rated.

Per vendor guidelines, vendors must amend applications and wait for approval before a new product is introduced to the market.

Applicable Permits and Licenses

Using the space below, upload any copies of necessary permits and licenses specific to your food category.  If you have no permits or licenses to upload, please continue to the next step.

Vendor Agreement

I, the undersigned, have read and am fully aware of the specific Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative Guidelines and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Guideline to Food Safety for Public Markets rules and regulations. I agree to comply with these rules and regulations, and all other federal, provincial, and local regulations that apply, knowing that I forfeit my right to membership and my opportunity to sell at the Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative if I am found to be in non-compliance. I also agree to indemnify and save harmless the Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative, including their officers, directors, employees, agents, and/or sponsors from any/all claims, judgments, losses, costs (including reasonable attorney fees) and damages whatsoever, including claims arising by reason of accident, injury or death caused to personal or property of any kind arising out of, in connection with, or incident to the Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative except caused by the sole negligence of the Yarmouth Farmers' Community Market Co-Operative.

By placing my name in the box below, I am acknowledging that the information supplied in this form submission is accurate and that I have read and understand the vendor agreement.

Children under 15 need a parent or guardian's supervision. 15-18 require initial supervision and reassessed on a case-by-case basis.